A little respect goes a long way

By making good choices together, we can make Yonkers a cleaner place to live, work and play.
Show our city the respect it deserves by keeping its streets clean and litter-free.
85% of littering is the result of individual attitudes. Changing your behavior is the key to prevent litter.

Let’s imagine Yonkers if we continue disrespecting it.

Envision huge lumps of chewed gum on the streets. It would cost us thousands of dollars just to scrape off and its oily deposits after removal is unsightly as the gum itself.

Imagine cigarette butts,
food remnants and wrappers
piled up on the sidewalks.
Think of its smell too…

And picture this.
An enormous hill of plastic bags, bottles and glass on your parks, that if left untouched, could last over
500 years.

Show your city some love and keep it clean.

It Starts With You

It’s easy to prevent litter everyday. Here are simple steps to take:

Get Involved

Here are ways to help keep the city of Yonkers a cleaner place to live, work and play.

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